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Art Work

Heleen Cornet.
Living on the small island of Saba in the Caribbean Sea, with a magical mossy rainforest at its top, there are no limits to inspiration for me. While camping in the middle of nature, surrounded by the sounds of birds, dripping water and wind, it doesn’t take long to let go of the noise that is normally, without even noticing, always in the background. The Magical Mossy Forest series is a result of this.
To go to the top of Mt. Scenery asks preparation. We have to carry our camping gear 1064 steps uphill. During the hike we gradually loose our hectic ways of thinking and when we arrive at the camping spot part of the change has already taken place.
Normally I paint the whole day and we stay for about four nights in the cloud forest on the top of Mt. Scenery. It is muddy, often cold and very wet, but it is amazing.
The series of paintings that I am showing  is all inspired by Saba’s cloud forest. The small collection shown here is based on studies and pictures I made on the top. I used leaves and strings with watercolor on watercolor canvas. Watercolor can hardly be used on the top of the mountain as the humidity there is normally more than 95%. While I paint in my studio on Saba the watercolor medium is doing a lot of the work by itself: the colors flow over the canvas and mix together in their own particular way. I hardly use brushes. Since the medium of watercolor and the cloud forest are the same (namely water), there is little doubt that medium and subject match perfectly.
Saba, April 28, 2012
Heleen Cornet

Heleen Cornet
Curriculum Vitae
1.       Personal Data
Name: Helena Cornet
Address: Troy. The Bottom, Saba, Netherlands Antilles
Tel: 599 416 2708
E-mail address:
Date and place of birth: July 22, 1945. Gorinchem, The Netherlands

2.       Education
1957 - 1963 High School, Gorinchem, Netherlands
1963 – 1965 Academy for Education, Gorinchem, Netherlands
1965 – 1969 Academy for Arts and Crats, Amersfoort, Netherlands

3.       Employment recort.
1970 – 1972 Art teacher, High School , Leeuwarden, Netherlands
1974 – 1983 Art teacher, High School, Bonaire
1983 – 1984 Art teacher, High School, Curacao
1984 – 1986, Art Teacher, Sint Maarten
1986 – 1989, Art Teacher, Saba

4.       Professional experience.
1970 – 1989 Working with teenagers, organizing festivals (carnival) and artshows ,  running a art gallery, conducting art workshops.
1989 – present.  Organizing artshows, experimenting with different media. Making art.
1994 Studying oil painting with Dutch artist Rik Lina

5.       Professional affiliations
Was instrumentall in founding the Saba Foundation for Arts and served as president of this foundation till 2004

6.       Exhibitions.

         1996. 3rd Biennial, Sto Domingo, Republica D ominicana
         1996. 23rd Bienal International, San Paulo, Brazail.
         1997, Classic Caribbean Art Gallery, Curacao, Neth. Antilles
         1997, Artist of the Month, Breadfruit Gallery, Saba, Neth. Antilles
         1997, Woman and Identity, Bonaire, Neth. Antilles
         1998, Masks in Venice, Art Addiction Annual, Italy
         1999, Arte 99, Curacao
         1999, Grands et Jeunes d’aurjourd’hui, salon 1999, Paris
         2000, Selection of the month, Breadfruit Gallery, Saba, Neth. Antilles
         2000, Cariforo, traveling exhibition Caribbean art, Santo Domingo
         2001. Workshop Yubi and Tirzo, Curacao Museum, Curacao
            2001. Between Lines. Travelling exhibition Unesco.
            2002. Festival del Caribe. Fiesta del Fuege. Cuba
            2003. Peanut Gallery, Saba
            2004. Peanut Gallery, Saba.
            2005. Arte Américos, Rio de Janiero.
            2006 - 2008. Peanut Gallery, Saba
            2009.  Kas dei Kultura. Curacao
            2008. Leaves of Changes. Saba
            2008. Different Perspectives, Landhuis Bloemhof, Curacao
            2009. Peanut Gallery, Saba

2010.Shearwater, Saba, N.A.

2010. Trienal Indternational del Caribe, Santo Domingo

2011. Maskara, Landhuis Bloemhof Curacao

2011. Peanut Gallery, Saba

2012  Mon Art Curaca

7.       Publications.
1983. Illustrations for Guide to the Bonaire Marine Park, Vant’t Hof Tom
1983, Guide to the Curacao Underwater Park
1991. Saban Cottages. Watercolor book
1992. Illuistrations for Old Grey Grizzly Grunt. Wilson F.
1993. Our Favourite Shore Dives, with Tom and Jojanneke van’t Hof
1994. Illustrations for Orphans of the Storm. Johnson J.
1997. Illustrations for New Guide to the Bonaire Marine Park. Tom van’t Hof
1997. Illustrations for The nature of Saba. Tom van’t Hof
1998. Echoes of the Past. Watercolors of Sint Eustatius.

8.       AWARDS
Mencion Special , Trienal International Del Caribe. Oct. 2010

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